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  Mother's Day Weekend

Thank God For Instruction Manuals


Grandpa's Fateful Decision

Launch Procrastination

The Hawaiian Fisherman

Let Him Inn

Marriage Is A Blessing

Abraham Lincoln:  A Man of Many Books

Kentucky's Covered Bridges

Championship Characteristics

Happy Birthday America

This Is Your Inning

Walt Disney and Failure

Who's Your Captain?

Family Traditions

Laughter Is Good Medicine

Look Ahead

The Heist of Christmas

Look Both Ways

 Get Off Your Island

   The Ugliest Pretty Shot

The Finisher's Circle

The Race Flags of Life

The Greatest Man I Ever Knew


A Special Church


Enjoy the Climb

                                            Game Ball

                               A Monumental Difference

End of an Era

Questions at the Headwaters

A Bridge of Love

A Secretariat Heart

Rain or Snow

The Perfect Snowman

Have a Great Day!

Above All Else

The Making of a Christian


John Deere and Jesus

A Sunscreen Sermon

America's Documents

Let Your Light Shine

No Christian Singles

Curse Words

Wind Effects

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