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Monthly Message

The Reformation: 500 Years Later

Good Samaritans

The Path of Totality

Was George Washington a Prophet?

Winner vs. Whiner

Happy Mother's Day


The Best Words Ever


Christianity Doesn't Bite


Keepin' Up With Jesus

The Jesus Response

In God We Trust

The Vin Scully Way

A Super Man or Super Woman

No Excuses

Never Live Alone

Never Too Late

The Winning Team


The Story of Eddie Aikau and Jesus

The Greatest Two

 Life's Up

A Silent Night

 A Lost Proclamation

The Winning Play

 Austin's First Mission Trip

Happy Lighthouse Day

A Reason to Celebrate the 4th

Jurassic World at the Drive-In

70 Years of Marriage Interview

The Tomb Was Empty

Perfection is for The Cats

Love is Greater Than

Adaptive Fishing

Launched From Heaven

Thanksgiving History

Be Prepared for Fishing, etc.

 Daniel Boone's Pioneering Spirit

Fishermen Stories

God is a Refuge

Steam Engine Sighting


                                Attitude is Ultimate

Trees with Leaves

Footprints in the Sand

The Gravity of Prayer

Slaves to Christ

 Peaceful Creatures

Thirteen Virtues

A One Sided Story

Oil Light Logic

Parenting Hall of Fame

Happiness or Joy

Lighthouse History

  The End of Your Road


Top Lessons at Forty

It's Your Life to Win

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